We Build Custom Radio Stations

The music you want. The message you want.

On a radio station, not a playlist.

(With no F-bombs.)


Family-friendly music from all major record labels custom designed for your station. You control 100% of the music -- it’s that simple.


Our professional DJs deliver your custom messages all day, every day -- continually reinforcing your brand and creating a great atmosphere.


Generate revenue through consistent internal promotion or by securing sponsors who want to reach your audience. Your station will pay for itself!

Who uses Neptune?

High School And College Sports Venues

Create a big-time environment -- with revenue-generating possibilities -- during home sporting events with Neptune GameTime. Family-friendly, lyric-safe music combined with custom DJ messages and branding elements add a professional-level “feel” to all of your sports venues.

College And Public
Fitness Centers

A consistent, lyric-safe mix of music that matches your membership -- while also giving you the ability to promote what is important to your facility. Fitness classes, locker rentals, intramural sign-ups, special events, social media -- promote all of these and more with your DJs on your radio station.

Water Parks, Amusement
Parks And FECs

Your custom radio station will have a diverse, family-friendly music mix that will give all of your guests something they like! Add in the ability to consistently promote all elements of your park with our professional DJs, and Neptune Splash Radio truly becomes a revenue-generating no-brainer.

College Student Unions And Dining Halls

There’s no better example of a captive audience than in student unions and dining halls on college campuses -- and having your own custom radio station will allow you to promote activities, events, special services, meal plans and more...all while playing a mix of lyric-safe music that will appeal to your audience.

Parks & Recreation

The world of Parks & Recreation is diverse, including community centers, farmer’s markets, aquatic facilities, fitness centers, golf courses, special events and much more. Neptune allows you to have your own family-friendly, custom radio station at any venue you desire.

Automotive Dealerships

Creating a great environment for both your customers and your staff is important for any auto dealership -- and Neptune Drive makes that happen. The combination of a great, family-friendly music mix and custom DJ messages will help extend and reinforce your dealership brand all day,

Don't See Your Category?

Many businesses want to have music available to entertain their customers -- but most simply rely on traditional satellite radio or streaming radio options. Neptune allows you to create your own custom radio station -- making it an extension of your brand in every possible way. Current Neptune partners include restaurants, dentist offices, country clubs, ski resorts, convenience stores and more. If you play music, you can have your own custom Neptune radio station.


Find out how the Neptune Network can help you target your customers in an incredibly cost-effective way.

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